GRAVIENT™ Disruptively simple.


We are the future of grid-scale energy storage solutions.
GRAVIENT™ technology uses gravity to store energy at the most cost-effective rates as a result of our automated innovative construction processes.

GRAVIENT™ technology uses gravity to store energy at the most cost-effective rates as a result of our automated innovative construction processes.
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Transition towards cleaner and more sustainable energy storage Dots

Bridges intermittency and availability gap between electricity generation and consumption
Solar energy
Operates for longer periods of time compared to lithium facilities and for much cheaper
Makes use of local soils and/or recycled industrial waste producing eco-friendly results

Advantages of Gravity Energy Storage

Advanced Operation
Gravity energy storage provides hundreds of megawatts for several hours. Our energy storage technology stockpiles electricity when it’s plentiful and/or inexpensive, and then returns that same energy back to the grid when demanded and/or the prices are high.
The fast load ramping takes less than 1 second. Gravity energy storage facilities can safeguard fluctuating energy on a GWh scale and maximize use of excess energy during low generation.
Uncomplicated Construction:
Gravity storage construction is not as complex as conventional power plants and uses local materials and local labour.

GRAVIENT™ uses a modular and scalable approach to store and release energy as needed to not only balance the supply and demand but to also mitigate the effects of climate change Dots

Features and Benefits of GRAVIENT™ Gravity Energy Storage:

Discharge Duration: 0.25 – 24 hours
Depth of Discharge: 100%
Self-Discharge: 0% / year
Storage Degradation: 0% / year
Operating modes: Grid following and Grid forming
Output Voltage: 20-35 kV AC (preferable), 3-phase delta
Grid Frequency: 50, 60 Hz
Round-Trip Efficiency: 85% (Grid-to-grid)
Ramp Rate (0 to 100%): < 1 sec (from Idle)
Lifetime 50 years
Ambient Temp Range -40 to 45°C (-40 to 113°F)
Energy Density 80 to 90 sq.m/MWh (860 to 970 sq.ft/MWh)
Height 200 m
Seismic Rating all seismic zones
System Safety no hazardous materials, no fire or flood risk
50-year lifespan
One-third of the cost compared to Li-ion
Depth of discharge is 100%
Ultra-fast response time
Go from 0 to full power in milliseconds
Customizable power and time options
Ranging from 10MW to multi-GW and 0.15–24 hours duration
Revolutionary technology
First-ever robotized construction technology for high-rise facilities of its kind
High round-trip efficiency
Up to 85%
Repurposed materials
Repurposed materials
Reuses industrial waste - coal ash or mine tailings
Ambient conditions has no bearing
Can be built and operated in any climate
Clean and safe energy technology
Designed to be eco-friendly, eco-conscious and safe
Clean energy
Independent supply chains
Doesn't rely on rare earth materials

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